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Post by Risthalion on 23/5/2016, 20:31

An introduction the Lore Lair

Hello and welcome to the Lore Lair! We hope you enjoy your stay here.

We are a small (but growing!) group of 40k enthusiasts looking to share our experiences in all aspects of 40k (especially the lore). Warhammer 40k is a universe of titanic proportions, and as a result, there are a variety of people who gather in this community. There are people looking to start investing in the table top game alongside those who've played in three editions or more. There are people who only care for the lore and even people who only collect and paint. Here at the Lore Lair, it doesn't matter so long as you have an interest in 40k. Any questions are valid here and we're all willing to try and help with anything 40k related (we're not all knowing, but we do our best).

Characters on the Lore Lair

If you've seen any of the topics on the forum, or received any replies to your intro post (if you haven't got one, you should make one!), you might have noticed that some people here on the forums take on a character. Most of the characters we create are based upon the 40k lore and can be interesting to explore (see the Fan Fiction area for examples). There are several reasons people take on the various characters they do: favouring a certain faction, improving debates through variety, better character for role play etc.

But whilst many people on the forum decide to create a character through their posts, their profile etc it's by no means mandatory. There are many users who don't create a character. This is perfectly fine. No one on the relay judges other users on whether they've chosen to take on a persona or not, the decision is up to you.

This should explain why some of the topics on the forum are presented in the way they are, and why certain members write in the styles they do.

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