the Typos (also title)

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the Typos (also title) Empty the Typos (also title)

Post by Muffin Heretic on 24/5/2016, 03:47

The one that finds the most get's free chili powder in their face.
the Typos (also title) Halp_by_muffinmuffel-da3oue3

Also titles need to be 10 characters long... I find that unnecessary... just to point out.
Muffin Heretic
Muffin Heretic

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the Typos (also title) Empty Re: the Typos (also title)

Post by Risthalion on 24/5/2016, 10:56

Yeah, I was ment to fix the lenght of topic thread but I forgot. It's fixed now.
Unfortunately changing character sheet text is kinda beyond my power at this moment... I'll see what I can do on that when I familiarise myself with the forum mechanisms better.

Also, if you find the typos, just post them here for me to fix. I'm sure there are some, but can't find them myself.

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